Book of Luke

An Introduction to the Book of Luke

This series was my first attempt at learning to be a writer. I have a long way to go! It took me three years and two months to teach all the way through the Book of Luke. When I first started teaching through Luke my goal was to send the rough notes to those that were attending. As I got further into the book other folk joined and others could not be there all the time yet wanted to go over the notes to keep up.  I realized that I needed to put more time and thought into the writing of the studies. Therefore, I humbly apologise to the Body of Christ for those studies earlier in the series that as yet have no titles, these are the studies where I was learning to write. I add them because there are some great questions and they will still be a blessing if you can just overlook my bad punctuation and abuse of the English language!

Remember, I am just an ex-commercial fisherman that has been called from his nets to fish for men. God hasn’t given up on fishermen!

These studies are my attempt to focus people on Christ’s life and teaching, a greatly needed topic today as much as it was in the days when the New Testament was being written.

Each of these studies has been personally taught by me in a Small Group setting. I have desired that the studies will provoke thought and meditation on the words and teaching of Christ, that is why I have used questions often in each study. In the Book of Nehemiah, we read that the Levites of the time “read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people could understand what was being read” (Nehemiah 8:8). This is my passion that you, either as an individual or in a group setting, can study the scriptures and for it to be clear so that you may understand what was being read. I am convinced that Christlike character will be the fruit of understanding the scriptures and putting them into practice.

Keith Thomas

Luke 1.1-38
The Power of Words

Luke 12.13-34

Luke 1.39-2.40
The Birth of Jesus

Luke 12.35-48
You Must be Ready

Luke 2.41-3.38

Luke 12.49-59

Luke 4.1-13

Luke 13.1-9
 Repentance is Not an Option

Luke 4.14-30

Luke 13.10-21

Luke 4.31-37

Luke 13.22-35

Luke 4.38-5.11
Jesus Heals Many

Luke 14.1-14

Luke 5.12-26

Luke 14.15-24
 The Great Invitation

Luke 5.27-32

Luke 14.25-35

Luke 5.33-39

Luke 15.1-10
That Which is Lost is Found

Luke 6.1-10

Luke 15.11-32
 The Parable of the Loving Father

Luke 6.12-26

Luke 16.1-15
 Spiritual Investment

Luke 6.27-36

Luke 16.19-31
 What in Hell is Happening

Luke 6.37-49

Luke 17.1-19
 A Faith Lift

Luke 7.1-10

Luke 17.20-37
 When is the Kingdom of God Coming

Luke 7.11-35

Luke 18.1-14
The Widow That Wouldn’t Quit

Luke 7.36-50
Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman

Luke 18.15-30
Man’s Impossibility

Luke 8.1-15

Luke 18.31-43
 Blind Passion

Luke 8.16-25

Luke 19.1-10
 The Calling of Zacchaeus

Luke 8.26-39
(part 1)

Luke 19.11-27
An Investment Opportunity

Luke 8.26-39
(part 2)

Luke 19.28-48
The King Comes to His Temple

Luke 8.40-56

Luke 20.1-19
The Authority of Christ Questioned

Luke 9.1-9

Luke 20.20-47
 Death and Taxes

Luke 9.10-17

Luke 21.1-11
 Signs of Christ’s Coming

Luke 9.18-27

Luke 21.12-28
The Last Days

Luke 9.28-36

Luke 21.29-38
The Parable of the Fig Tree

Luke 9.37-50

Luke 22.1-6
 The Betrayal of Jesus

Luke 9.51-62

Luke 22.7-34
The Last Supper

Luke 10.1-24

Luke 22.35-53

Luke 10.25-37

Luke 22.54-71
Peter, The Broken Disciple

Luke 10.38-42

Luke 23.1-25
Jesus Before Pilate and Herod

Luke 11.1-13
Teach Us To Pray

Luke 23.26-49
 The Crucifixion of Christ

Luke 11.14-28

Luke 23.50-24.12
The Resurrection of Christ 

Luke 11.29-36  

Luke 24.13-35
A God Who Hides Himself

Luke 11.37-54

Luke 24.36-53
The Promise of the Father

Luke 12.1-12  


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