What Does Your Faith in Christ Cost You?

If you would walk a godly life in Christ Jesus there will be a cost. Many of us in the West have known little cost to taking the path of discipleship. But if we are to be disciples of the Lord Jesus there will be times of challenge to our faith. The Lord, the Vinedresser of His vineyard, will make it so:

 1“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener. 2He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful (John 15:1-2).

Your faith will be challenged. Ask God for sensitivity so that you will know and realize the challenge when it comes. The challenge will be for you to compromise and take a side path rather than the highway of holiness to God.

We have been meditating on the life of Sadhu Sundar Singh of India. When he was converted to Christ from his family religion of Continue reading

The Conversion of Sadhu Sundar Singh

“If only I knew where to find him; if only I could go to his dwelling” (Job 23:3).

Sundar Singh attended primary school that had been opened by an American Presbyterian Mission in the village where he lived in the Punjab region of India. Sundar’s family despised the Christian mission and religion, but if the missionaries from the West were willing to supply their children with a good education, they saw no reason for not taking advantage of it. When Sundar was fourteen years old his mother died and Sundar blamed God. He became angry and spiteful to the Christian teachers. He threw filth on them and hated them without cause and the worse part was that he did not understand why he hated them so. When Christian evangelists came to town Continue reading

Sadhu Sundar Singh, the Christian.

Sundar Singh was born September 3, 1889, into a Sikh family in the village of Rampur, Punjab state in Northern India.  One of the earliest recollections of his life before he became a Christian was that of his father giving him a few coins to spend how he liked. As he ran down the road to the bazaar to spend the money, he was confronted with a low-caste woman that was begging, huddled up by the wayside. This sight Sundar had seen many times in India, but for some reason he was moved to pity her. It may have been the thin rags she was wearing, Continue reading

Fishermen At Work

I used to work with my father on his fishing boat, “Why Worry” on the eastern coast of England, out of the port of Harwich in Essex. The main fish we would align our nets for was Dover Soles. Dover Soles are a flat fish that are only caught in the southern part of the North Sea, off from the Port of Dover. Their habitat is muddy terrain and they have an extremely rough head that is like sandpaper to the touch. This is the only place you can hold them, as the rest of their body is very slippery.   Dover Soles bury themselves under the mud looking for Ragworm and Lugworm, their main food. I gutted thousands upon thousands of them in my younger days as a fisherman. The only way you could catch them Continue reading

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