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If God is For Us:
Like soldiers walking into a minefield, there are some things in life that are unseen but deadly. Just because you may be unaware of something dangerous, it doesn’t mean it cannot affect you. There is an old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Although it is true that knowledge can bring with it pain, it is much better to be forewarned about danger than to ignore it. In Keith’s latest study, If God is for Us, he leads us through the scriptures that help us see that God is for us, and what this means as far as our Christian faith and walk. We have no need to fear when we are assured that God always has, is, and always will provide and protect us. Keith’s study brings freedom so that Christians can focus on what God has placed them here for, instead of worrying about spiritual attacks. You will understand the enemy’s schemes and learn to walk in your victory.

Topics include:
• The Unseen Realm, how does it affect you and I? God’s protection for His people.
• The Believer’s Position in Christ. All Spiritual Blessings given along with Salvation in Christ.
• What we were in the past, what we are in the present, what we shall be in the future.
• Know your Enemy. Satan’s hierarchy of evil, A disarmed enemy.
• The Corrupting Work of Satan. Satan’s use of evil angels in the human realm.
• Jesus’ Authority over Demons. Where do demons come from? How do they influence people? Can a Christian be demonized?
• Satan’s Schemes. Demonic Deception. Different degrees of attack by Satan and his forces. Satan’s Tools.
• The Authority of the Believer. Restored Authority. The Power of Praise and Obedience. Our birthright as His children.
• The Armor of God, the weapons of our warfare. The offensive weapons of the believer.

  Book – Price: $14.00   Ebook – Price: $8.99
  DVD – Price: $ 35.00
  CD – Price: $25.00

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