What is the Mark of the Beast?

This has been a topic of interest for more than 37 years of my life. I came to Christ because of my interest in this topic. Most of this presentation is not really a Bible study, because there is little scripture on the topic. It really is a presentation of my thoughts on that time that we are approaching fast, and what I think the scriptures are talking about. We cannot be dogmatic on such things, but as you hear or read about the Mark of the Beast it is very obvious that this is something that is going to be forced upon the public. It is my contention that we should try to understand and perhaps prepare ahead of time for when this is rolled out. I also mention this topic in the first study, The Rise of the Antichrist.  The written presentations in Word and PDF format are found in the middle column of this website under the heading of the Second Coming of Christ. If you can help me get these studies out and more, please go to the right of the home page and click on the donate button. I am also willing to visit your group or church to teach this topic.