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InsightsInsights Into Eternity:

Have you ever wondered what happens to you when you die?

When you are dead, are you really dead?

When Jesus talked about the death of his friend, Lazarus, He said, “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going to wake him up (John 11:11). What did the Lord mean when He said that Lazarus was asleep? Will we be unconscious when we die?

Is there an intermediate place, a purgatory that a person goes to if they are not quite good enough? What does the Bible say about that?

What did Jesus teach about Hell? What did He say were the real live experiences of people that are there?

For those who are Christians, what will our new bodies be like when Jesus comes?

What will the New Jerusalem be like, and how can I make sure I am going there?

What is the Bride of Christ? What am I to be doing while I am waiting for heaven?

If you are interested in having answers to these questions and many more, this series is for you. The CD’s, DVD’s, and the study guide has interactive questions for groups, but also works well to make a single reader think about what they are reading and to put Jesus’ teaching to practice in our daily lives.

  Book – Price: $14.00   Ebook – Price: $8.99
  DVD – Price: $ 35.00
  CD – Price: $25.00

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